Fastqcdump file issue

Dear all, I have downloaded GSE dataset in SRA format directly into History of my login in galaxy server, the data showed single end and paired files, but single end files are empty, but paired end files exists in paired end files can be seen by clicking on them, So FASTqc and Mulitgc ,Fastp not picking paired end files cz may be all the tools needs direct paired end files in hsitory so how to directly extrqact or use paired end files ?

Welcome, @Muhammad_Azhar

QA tools will expect reads in fastqsanger or fastqsanger.gz format. You can use SRA accessions to extract from NCBI and that sort of data will be download.

These tutorials have examples:

If that is not enough to resolve the problem, maybe some screenshots from you would help to clarify what is going on? But please do review the tutorials first since I’m guessing something went wrong with how the reads were loaded if empty!