How can I add a new reference genome to the list?

I need to add Chlorella sorokiniana and Scenedesmus obliquus genome to the reference list, but I do not know the process. Could someone help me please?

Thanks in advance

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Hello @Brendahoyos01

You can use a fasta from the history as a custom reference genome, or go one step further and promote that fasta to a custom build associated with your account (only). The latter is optional, and provides a unique key you can assign as the “database” metadata attribute to datasets.

  1. Where a tool form has the option to select a reference genome/database, toggle to “a fasta from the history”, and select your custom genome fasta.
  2. Some tools instead interpret the assigned database of inputs, and that is when you’ll first need to assign your custom build key.

It is very important that the fasta is formatted correctly. Please see these FAQs and related Q&A using the tags I added to your post.