Internal Server Error: Galaxy was unable to successfully complete your request

I have mapped RNA seq reads with Bowtie2 against my viral reference genome to filter viral sequences. Now I want to assemble the aligned reads from the output (aligned forward fastq and aligned reverse fastq) with the genome-guided trinity. For orientation I used the Bowtie2 BAM file coordinated with samtool sort as it is written in the manual. Unfortunately I only get an error message, no matter what I try. The job is green on the display, but when I click on it the following error message appears:

Internal Server Error

Galaxy was unable to successfully complete your request

An error occurred.
This may be an intermittent problem due to load or other unpredictable factors, reloading the page may address the problem.
The error has been logged to our team.

I have tried it several times, both on and
Does anyone know the problem or can tell me what I can do?

Thank you

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Hi @Methyltine1

This message usually means that the server is under very heavy load. Specifically, the server cannot access a dataset, or perform whatever else you may be doing (submitting a job, etc).

Clicking on the upper left “Galaxy” icon will refresh your connection to the server. Refresh first, then try viewing the data again.