Job errors at Galaxy Main -- status and updates

I am trying to align my reads to an mm10 genome in HISAT2 and keep encountering this problem today. It has worked in the past many time with these data reads, so I do not know what the issue is?

“Remote job server indicated a problem running or monitoring this job.”

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Hi @Joe_Hoolachan!

If you are working at Galaxy Main, I can let you know that we had some server issues with job dispatching earlier. That should be resolved now. Please try a rerun.


Hi Jen,

I’m still facing a few issues as stringtie is taking a lot longer to process my data than usual. Also everytime in HISAT2 and stringtie I get this coming up Metadata is being auto-detected which leaves me having to autodetect it. This has never happened before the last few times I processed with these programs.

Kind regards

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The error was likely due to related but new server-side issues. Please review here for details and status updates.

Once resolved, please rerun any jobs that failed during the last few days. The error message reported may differ depending on the tool and when the job was executed but most will be related to the same underlying reasons. Any errors that are persistent after a rerun can be sent in as a new bug report.

Thanks for reporting the problem!