Metadata generation failed


I recently downloaded FASTQ as a collection and performed the following pipelines

  1. Trimmomatic
  2. HISAT2
  3. Stringtie with genecode as a reference
  4. StringMerge for two groups
  5. Stringtie with DESeq2 option

After this, I got the following errors for gene count files although assembled transcripts are ok
Metadata generation failed. Please retry.

I tried again, but ended up getting the same errors. Can anyone help? The following is my history! Thank you.

Hi @Josh

For this:

that was either a temporary problem, or the file itself was already empty. To sometimes resolve this, you can click on the pencil icon for the collection and redetect the datatype. Let us know if that works or not. The error is not related to the protocol, your account, or even the tool … instead it is an issue with the cluster the jobs were run on. Let us know if this actually resolves or not!