Jobs not starting

I am tryng to run a very small tblastn, with only three query sequences. Both a conventional FASTA file and a BlastDB for the subject are sitting “This Job is Waiting to Run”

Is there a problem with the server?

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Can you point what is the actual server you are using (,,, ?

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I’m also having this problem, using the main server ( I have been trying to run a job with the tool Trinity for about 5 days. After the job was in queue for 4 days, I thought maybe I used the wrong input, but the other possibility has now been queued for almost a day.

By the way, I’m doing the Galaxy training tutorial “De novo transcriptome assembly, annotation, and differential expression analysis” and this step is projected to take 2 hours.

Is there a backlog of jobs in the queue or is something else wrong?

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@tom_abrams_lab @jaredbernard What about these troubleshooting tips, have you guys checked?
I’m not from galaxy team, btw, I’m just an user trying to help.
Maybe the guys from usegalaxy can answer properly.

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I did look at the troubleshooting tips, but nothing about delayed jobs. Other jobs I’ve submitted in the meantime have run, including a somewhat large job with the Maker tool. Could there be delays with specific tools (e.g. Trinity or BlastDB)? It would be nice if someone from Galaxy Team could look into it.

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Hi all,

The server is very very busy (and has been for about a week).

The best advice is to leave the queued jobs queued and to avoid rerunning, otherwise, the new jobs will end up back at the end of the queue again.

I’ve also checked in with our administrator @nate, and there is a bit of a backlog. This should clear up – how long to completely clear up depends on when you originally started the jobs and how many jobs you have queued.

The above backlog mostly applies to Trinity, Unicycler, and SPAdes but not BLAST (that last tool runs on a different cluster, also busy, but not as busy.

FAQ: How Jobs Execute

Hope that helps & thank you @David for helping first!!


Thanks for the reply! I’ll just be patient. :slightly_smiling_face: