mirdeep2 errors -- Solution: verify input format

Please help me in getting the mirdeep2 novel miRNA identification module working for me. It fails everytime I run it even under different conditions. Here are my settings;

Started tool MiRDeep2 and successfully added 1 job to the queue.

The tool uses 5 inputs:

  • 65: Collapsed reads of MiRDeep2 Mapper on data 19 this is the fasta collapsed file, unmapped
  • 33: EBV1_GCF_002402265.1_ASM240226v1.fasta my genome
  • 35: AA1_856_Mapping output of MiRDeep2 Mapper on data 33 and data 19 in ARF format mapped to my virus genone
  • 38: ebv mirna.fasta miRNA from mirbase
  • 44: EBV stemloop.fasta stem loops

What am I doing wrong ? Please help

It produces 5 outputs:

  • 71: Tabular output of MiRDeep2 on data 44, data 38, and others
  • 72: MiRDeep2 on data 44, data 38, and others (html report)
  • 73: Prediction accuracy output of MiRDeep2 on data 44, data 38, and others
  • 74: Bed output of MiRDeep2 on data 44, data 38, and others
  • 75: Text output of MiRDeep2 on data 44, data 38, and others

You can check the status of queued jobs and view the resulting data by refreshing the History panel. When the job has been run the status will change from ‘running’ to ‘finished’ if completed successfully or ‘error’ if problems were encountered

For others reading (@pmmugand already has the answer):

When using a custom genome fasta, most tools expect a simplified format. Working with very large fasta datasets

There isn’t an FAQ for all formats for all tools – but the tool help should have some examples and link-outs to author resources. Other places to check:

  1. GTN tutorials may cover your datatype and/or analysis tools.
  2. The author’s resources are also a good place to look: publications, forums
  3. General bioinformatics forums can also be helpful.
  4. Try searching this forum with keywords like datatypes or tool names.
  5. If a particular data format/content works when using a tool directly command-line, it will probably have the same format requirements when using it in Galaxy.

What to search for when troubleshooting?

  1. Logs: Troubleshooting errors
  2. datatypes
  3. error messages