N50 statistic for rnaviralSPades

Dear All, do you have any idea about how could I see N50 statistic after denovo assembly via rnaviralSPades in Galaxy Europe?. I have already tried to include log, contigstat and scaffoldstat options as output during the analyses however there is no information about N50 statistics in output files.

Welcome, @Serkan_ONDER

Would a tool like Quast produce what you want? Another tool I can think of is BlobToolKit (visualization of statistics that include N50).

Both of those tools link to assembly tutorials, or you can review here directly → Assembly / Tutorial List. Those with QC or Quality Control in the title, plus others have QC steps along with the longer protocols.

Others are welcome to suggest more :slight_smile:

Dear @jennaj ,

Thank you so much for these great tools. I tried Quast just. It will be enough for me. Thanks :slight_smile:

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