Not able to run Deseq 2

Hello everyone, I am not able to run Deseq 2 and I could’t figure out where my problem is, I was running Hisat 2, followed by stringtie and string tie merge and another round of string tie , the annotation file I used is gencodev37.gtf, can anyone please tell me where I am going wrong and I’m doing all of this on the galaxy server. I searched for solutions and all I can find is maybe this strg id is a problem but i’m not sure. It would be a great help if you guys can suggest a solution.

. The image is the gene counts file

Hey can you please post your error message. Just, based on the input you posted, I assume that maybe the first line is not correct (header) and you have to remove this line. So remove the line that says “transcipt_id HISAT2_…”