Problem importing history from to

Hi, I imported a history from to and although it imported without any errors, when I open it all the datasets are empty and shaded in blue saying “This dataset is remote, has not been ingested by Galaxy, and full metadata may not be available”. I checked the exported history from and everything is good there (in"green"). Any ideas why this could be the case? Not had it happen before.

Hi @Genevieve_Diedericks,
I tried but cannot reproduce the behavior you’re describing.
Could you please explain in detail the individual steps you’ve taken to export/import the data?

Hi @wm75, I did the following: In “History Options” Dropdown menu - selected “Export history to file” - a link to the history was generated after a while, which I then copied. Next went to “Share or Publish” (again under “history options” dropdown menu) and “made history accessible”.
In Went to “User” tab at the top - selected “Histories” - and then “Import Histories”. Selected “Export URL from another Galaxy instance” when asked “How would you like to specify the history archive?” Pasted link and clicked “Import history”. It imports fine

, but when opening either of the 2 files , I get this

Just to rule out one possibility: when you’re saying those datasets are all green on, you haven’t done anything with them since the export? Specifically, you haven’t used any of them as inputs to other jobs that only ran on .org after creating the export link?
I’m asking because I still cannot reproduce this, and the message on these datasets looks like a deferred data upload message (when uploading files to Galaxy these days you have the option to defer the actual upload until the data is used by a tool).