Problems with dataset attributes

Hi. I’m not sure if this is a general problem of Galaxy or only Docker. I created a collection but had a typo so I tried to fix it by editing attributes.

  • First click on edit, it indicates a name of a different dataset (after searching, it was a purged one)
  • If I modify the name, the name of the purged dataset gets modified
  • When I get the proper metadata after several attempts (previewing the dataset should work), modification of the name does not work
  • Filtering with a list with proper names does not work.
    How can typos on collections be fixed? What are those “names” that are modified but do not show anywhere else?

Also, if the collection was imported from another history, the used quota increases, so I permanently deleted the datasets to reduce data storage. Original files on the former history were deleted. Then, whenever you purge histories, are you also deleting files in other histories that were imported to “save” storage? And if copying between histories creates symlinks, why are original files deleted and quota increased?

I don’t know how to find galaxy or docker-image release numbers, the docker image was downloaded on September 2018.
Thank you!