RepeatModeler run time

Hi, I am trying to run the RepeatModeler tool on a ~1.5 GB genome using the public server. I’ve tried running this job several times, but each time I get the error message that the job terminated because it ran longer than the allowed job run time. Just wondering if there is a way to multithread this job in the server to speed up the run time, or if there are any other ways to get this job to finish?

Welcome, @scott

I’ve created an enhancement ticket for the tool here → Enhancement: Improve runtime repeatmodeler/2.0.5+galaxy0 · Issue #714 · galaxyproject/usegalaxy-tools · GitHub

Meanwhile, please try following the workaround advice I included in the ticket.

Workaround: Run the job at the server instead for now since the default runtime will be longer

Having an account at each of the public servers grants to access to distinct quotas and computational resources. You can move individual files or entire histories between servers, too, without an intermediate download step :slight_smile:

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