RNA STAR doesn't load -- Dataset colored gray and queued

RNA STAR Gapped-read mapper for RNA-seq data (Galaxy Version 2.7.2b) but it doesn’t work, doesn’t load
Error:This is a new dataset and not all of its data are available yet

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Queued jobs report this message. It does not mean that the job is in an error state – it means that it hasn’t executed yet. FAQ: Datasets and how jobs execute

RNA-Star also is involved with some server-side delays and technical issues at usegalaxy.org. Tracking ticket: https://github.com/galaxyproject/usegalaxy-playbook/issues/266#issuecomment-622533572


Ongoing Q&A at Galaxy Help about RNA-Star:

Notes for End-users:

  • We are still working to resolve the various issues.
  • Most Technical updates will post here.
  • Please review the Q&A at Galaxy Help for updates about usage options and related.
  • Usage status is also currently included in the top banner message at usegalaxy.org.

We are going to close this topic to keep all issues and updates related to this tool on the same topic.