Transferring fastQ data from ArrayExpress database to Galaxy

I want to upload the fastQ data from ArrayExpress database at here
I know that there are some ways to transfer fastQ data from NCBI database using SRA accession numbers. These ways help the users to transfer data without the need to downloading and uploading the large fastQ files.
Is there such a way to directly transfer data using the links of the fastQ files from the mentioned link from ArrayExpress? Or we have to download the fastQ files and then upload them to galaxy?

Welcome, @Maryam_Momeni

In short, yes :slight_smile:

Click into the full sample table view at that link, and you’ll see the accession identifiers per sample. Those should be also available at NCBI SRA. I just confirmed this by testing the first one:

These tutorials cover how to manipulate sample tables for batch data uploads. That includes sample organization (usually worth it, so highly recommended!). But, you can also just isolate the accessions out of the table, and use a tool like Faster Download and Extract Reads in FASTQ format from NCBI SRA.

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