Velvet Galaxy Error

We got a problem with velvet
The tool standard error is “Error running velveth Killed”
We use a virtual machine with 4go RAM for the moment.
Please help


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We upgrade to 24 gigas Ram. Same problem

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Hi - That tool wrapper is several years old with no update plans, so it is problematic to recommend that it be used (at all).

If you still want to try, start by checking if the install is correct and if the tool is really running out of memory with a down-sampled dataset. “Killed” in a job error usually means the job failed for server-side reasons – running out of memory can be one underlying reason. Your server logs might have more details.

I would usually also recommend running the tool test for the repository or even using that same test data through the GUI to test basic functionality before diving into data/input/parameter solutions. However, this tool wrapper version doesn’t have one (related to being older).

It is probably better to use a different Velvet wrapper. This one was updated 2018-10 and the author is an admin for the server. It does include a test case, which should help narrow down what is going wrong (if/when something does the first time you install and execute a job). Or run the test first to confirm the install (best option).

Update: If still having problems with Velvet, try an alternative assembler: