Working with the plasmidspades tool

Hi. I’m a beginner and I’m just getting to know Galaxy. I want to use plasmidspades to analyze complete bacterial genomes. When uploading files, it is indicated that the FASTQ format is not available. I have contigues in Fasta format, what should I do? How to work with this tool and which file format is correct? Below I share a link to the story. Please help me!

Hi @nglazkova7728
It seems the shared history is empty: I don’t see any datasets. Maybe try files from any public tutorial, for example, Hands-on: Unicycler Assembly / Assembly
The tutorial uses uncompressed files, so you should see fastqsanger datatype. Usually reads come in compressed (gzipped) format, so expected datatype after upload is fastqsanger.gz. While Galaxy is very good in identification of data during upload, sometimes it struggles with some files. Check datatype assigned to read files after upload. Click at uploaded dataset in history and check format. If it is fastq or fastq.gz, change it to fastqsanger or fastqsanger.gz, correspondingly.
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