0 count with both featureCount or htseq_count

Dear community,

I am writing that post after several days of researches.
My aim seemed simple because It’s sounds to me like a habits for probably a large number of you. Here is my problem:
During our transcriptomic lessons, we aligned and mapped Arabidopsis’ rna-seq reads into a transcriptome (Bowtie + Tophat). Because I decided to learn and discover the exon-based alternative splicing EdgeR tool, I tried to generate the exon-based matrix count for my .bam files.
From there, I’m paralyzed. I just got 0 count whatever I do, and I can’t find explicit documentation to learn my mistake.
I drop you my code below:

My Arabidopsis.gff3 few lines

1 araport11 gene 3631 5899 . + . ID=gene:AT1G01010;Name=NAC001;biotype=protein_coding;description=NAC domain-containing protein 1 [Source:UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot%3BAcc:Q0WV96];gene_id=AT1G01010;logic_name=araport11
1 araport11 mRNA 3631 5899 . + . ID=transcript:AT1G01010.1;Parent=gene:AT1G01010;biotype=protein_coding;transcript_id=AT1G01010.1
1 araport11 five_prime_UTR 3631 3759 . + . Parent=transcript:AT1G01010.1
1 araport11 exon 3631 3913 . + . Parent=transcript:AT1G01010.1;Name=AT1G01010.1.exon1;constitutive=1;ensembl_end_phase=1;ensembl_phase=-1;exon_id=AT1G01010.1.exon1;

My featureCounts code

featureCounts -p -s 2 -T 5 -f -t exon -g exon_id -a Arabidopsis.gff3 -o counts_output.txt output_[% basename %]/accepted_hits.bam

Finally, my output after 0.14 min running

Status output_23_s_mutant_t/accepted_hits.bam
Assigned 0
Unassigned_Unmapped 0
Unassigned_Read_Type 23136356
Unassigned_Singleton 0
Unassigned_MappingQuality 0
Unassigned_Chimera 0
Unassigned_FragmentLength 0
Unassigned_Duplicate 0
Unassigned_MultiMapping 0
Unassigned_Secondary 0
Unassigned_NonSplit 0
Unassigned_NoFeatures 0
Unassigned_Overlapping_Length 0
Unassigned_Ambiguity 0

I would be so cheerfull If some can help me to solve that problem, parlty because I really put myself in this and, at this time, I have no more idea to achieve my aim
Thanks for your time!