Multi-gene reads in StarSolo (soloMultiMappers)

I was successful in mapping as well as performing QC on my first set of 10X snRNASeq data. I noticed that I am not able to select any soloMultiMapper features which are available in the updated STAR script. Can someone point out to me where I can set the feature?

Thank you, Mija

Welcome, @Mija_Blattner

Those extra option were added in: STAR 2.7.9a

The Galaxy wrapper is based on: star (Version 2.7.11a)

To know what version of an underlying tool is behind the Galaxy wrapper, scroll to the bottom of the tool form. This is a screenshot for this tool just as a reference.

To make a request that a tool wrapper be updated, instead start at the top of the tool form, and in the Options menu, go to See in Tool Shed, then link to the Development repository and create an issue ticket. If this is something that you would like to help out with, the IUC will coordinate with you there.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for taking time to answer. But I I understand it right, the Star version which has been used 2.7.11a is “newer” than 2.7.9a and should contain the update (or does 11 vs 9 not automatically mean newer?) ? Or will I have to switch back to the .9a version? Thank you again, Mija

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Hi @Mija_Blattner

Yes, the version that is wrapped is high enough to include the new parameters but it hasn’t been included yet. I searched the repository notes but didn’t find anything. That’s why I suggested that you could ask for the update :slight_smile:. I could have been clearer, sorry!

We could also ask one of the developers who worked on a recent update to see what they think, or for any more details they might know about. The chat they use is usually better than here … but let’s try. Hi @gallardoalba do you know if there are plans for including this option? Or is it actually on the form and I missed it? Or is there a different way to get this same type of result? Thank you in advance for any insight!

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