Nanopore Porechop for custom adapters

Hello, Porechop for identifying/trimming and demultiplexing Nanopore adapters supports demultiplexing of custom adapters/indexes with the command line version, I’m currently working in a backward PC environment. Is there any chance that an option be added in Galaxy for the porechop interface that allows using a .fasta file for custom adapter demultiplexing? From the porechop github: GitHub - rrwick/Porechop: adapter trimmer for Oxford Nanopore reads " If you want to add your own adapter sequences to Porechop, you can do so by editing the file (instructions are in that file). And if you know of any adapter sequences that I’ve missed, please let me know and I’ll add them!"

Thanks for any advice or help!

Hi @nblewett

To make a ticket for the tool enhancement, make the request at the developers repository. Tool form → Options → See in Tool Shed → link to dev repo. If you want to help make the wrapper update, most tool contributions involve the community, and that can definitely speed things up.

Alternative methods are here. Cutadapt could be used unless I am misunderstanding something. Quality Control