RNA STAR memory error

I got this while using RNA STAR:

EXITING because of fatal ERROR: not enough memory for BAM sorting: 
SOLUTION: re-run STAR with at least --limitBAMsortRAM 6318500801
Jan 13 01:41:07 ...... FATAL ERROR, exiting

Is there any way around this or is it that the file is too large?

Dear @biostaring,
You can try to sort the file beforehand with “Samtools sort order of storing aligned sequences”. MAybe that helps. How big is your file?

Kind regards,

Please also let us know which Galaxy server you are using :slight_smile:

The paired end seqs are 14 and 11 GB each.

I am using the eu server

Hi @biostaring,
did you try to sort the BAM files before using STAR as @Flow suggested?