rnaSPAdes work is still running, while program log says its finished.


I recently launched rnaSPAdes transcriptome assembly. It is in running (yellow) state for 2 days now, however log file states that the work is already finished. Should I be concerned?


Hi @Michail_Greenberg

My guess is that the job was still writing back the results into your account for a short time. Did this fully complete by now?

If you need more help, or if that job failed, do this:

  1. Start up a rerun – maybe there was some temporary problem.
  2. Send in a bug report from the red error dataset (please don’t delete it yet), and in the comments paste in a link to this topic so we can associate the two.
  3. Let us know back here once done, and I’ll look for it.

Instead of 2 or 3, you could also post back a shared history link. Search this forum with “sharing your history” for the how-to.