Urgent reference genome Gtf file format problem

Hı, ı try to RNA-SEQ analysis of mus musclus. when ı do STAR analysis of mus musculus ı am having problems with gtf file format. Galaxy gives that warning when ı upload the reference genome “Warning: The file ‘Type’ was set to ‘gtf’ but the file does not appear to be of that type” but the reference genomes that ı found are gtf file format. and ı couldnt find any more reference genome. can you halp me to find referance genome of mus musculus mm10.

Hi @DemirkanDemir,
you can download the mm10 annotation file from the GENCODE website: mm10 GFF3 file.

I recommend you to copy the FTP link, open the Uploader tool in Galaxy, click on Fetch/Paste data and paste it.