Velvetoptimiser job running for 5 days

I am performing a transcriptome de novo assembly using Velvetoptimiser. The Velvetoptimiser job is running from past 5 days. The job is still yellow and has never turned green. Is it stuck? Can you please help me whether it will run succesfully or it is stuck in between? When can i expect the results?

Hi @Sutrisha_Kundu

If you delete while executing, you won’t even get any logs (might be informative). See → FAQ: Understanding job statuses

Is this running with training sized data? Your own or from a GTN tutorial? If the data is from a GTN training I would be interested in reviewing a shared history to see if there is a problem with the materials that we can correct.

I’m asking since this tool is technically only available for super small analysis sets as far as I know. If you are working with your own larger data, this isn’t the right tool. If working with your own smaller data, maybe it really isn’t small – or the tool is just still trying to work through it.

Screen Shot 2024-03-29 at 10.16.33 AM