Visualize bwa mem on IGV or IGB

I used Galaxy to create bwa-mem bam files and downloaded both the bam and bai files to my computer to visualize reads in IGV. However, IGV gives me an error message:

“Error loading BAM file: org.broad.igv.exceptions.DataLoadException: An error occurred while accessing: /Users/elaine/Desktop/Buccal Bam Files/From Galaxy/Galaxy10-[Map_with_BWA-MEM_on_data_9_(mapped_reads_in_BAM_format)].bam.bai Index file not found. Tried”

The .bai file is right there in the same folder as the .bam file, but it’s not labeled as .bam.bai as requested.

I had the same problem with IGB.

Please help me to get the .bai file in the correct format for IGV or IGB.

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