Where to get precursor, mature, star miRNA for (MiRDeep2 Quantifier)


Currently working with this workflow tutorial to quantify my sequencing data against the provided A.Thaliana reference. Does zenodo provide more precursor, mature, star miRNA files for other organisms? What other sources could I find such files from? miRBase downloads doesn’t seem to provide a full listing of miRNAs like Zenodo.

It could be any plant reference, Oryza Sativa, Zea Mays, I’m just looking for more options.

Thank you.

hi @alio
I don’t know much about plant miRNAs, but why do you think miRBase provides only a partial list of Arabidopsis miRNAs? It has 326 precursor sequences for A. thaliana. Plotnikova et al (2019) detected 349 miRNAs. I assume these are mature miRNAs. As some hairpins produce both 3p and 5p, the numbers are broadly in the same range. miRBase provides both hairpin and mature sequences.
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