Errors with Humann and Interproscan

I got errors for a jobs with Humann and interproscan, I reported them and also I’m pasting my history here:

Can someone advice it why the jobs have been erroring :slight_smile:

Hi @vebaev


The job is erroring with this message in the Standard Output log (aka stdout).

WARNING: Can not call software version for bowtie2

If there is a problem with the fastq reads, that can lead to unusual problems with any tool. I would try running some QA on the reads. Address items like: Is the datatype correct? Are the pairs intact? Tutorials are linked at the bottom of the tool form, and those have example data. Search that same site with “quality” for QA tutorials.


Logs are also in the stdout for this one.

You have submitted a protein sequence which contains an asterix (). This may be from an ORF prediction program. '’ is not a valid IUPAC amino acid character and amino acid sequences which go through our pipeline should not contain it. Please strip out all asterix characters from your sequence and resubmit your search.

For that, you’ll need to adjust the input data as the author instructed for it to work anywhere.