How to change from gene_id to GeneID

Hello i have a Deseq2 results output and i want to change the rownames column from gene_id to GeneID so i can perform the functional anotation and GO enrichment analysis using cluster profiler. it is possible in galaxy?

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Hi @Nicolas_Romero_Villa

Yes, Galaxy has several general text manipulation tools. The tool names are similar to what the functions are named in other applications including command line utilities (and, some are actually just that same utility wrapped into Galaxy).

Searching the tool panel can find these, or browse the GENERAL TEXT TOOLS sections. This tutorial is a reference with examples for the most commonly used β†’ Data Manipulation Olympics.

So, try a β€œreplace” tool, or if you are familiar with shell utilities both sed and awk are available.

Two exact examples. Both are doing a find/replace/substitute type of action.

tool β†’ sed
expression β†’ s/gene_id/GeneID/

tool β†’ Replace parts of text
find pattern β†’ gene_id
replace with β†’ GeneID

:slight_smile: Hope this helps!

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Thank you Jennaj i thought it would be a more difficult task to do

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