Problems with annotateMyIDs

Hello, I am having some trouble with annotating my ID with Sailfish. I used Mouse gene mm10 (version 6) for my Sailfish. The error that I had with annotatemyID is same as below:
Error in .testForValidKeys(x, keys, keytype, fks) :
None of the keys entered are valid keys for ‘ENSEMBL’. Please use the keys method to see a listing of valid arguments.
Calls: select … select -> .select -> testSelectArgs -> .testForValidKeys

The transcript names have versions at the end of each name like ENSMUST00000177564.1. I just don’t really know how to get rid of the versions.

^Another user who had the same problem as me was told to use “Replace parts of text”. How do I manually erase each versions? Or is there a better way to annotate those IDs? Thank you in advance for your help!