Regarding chicken reference genome (Galgal5)

Hello, I was trying to use “Map with Bowtie for Illumina”, but a reference genome that I was searching, chicken genome Galgal5, did not appear in the dropdown menu. I only see galGal4 and galGal3. I am wondering if Galgal5 can be added in the built-in index.

I have also tried to get Galgal5 reference genome from UCSC. But when I chose “selected fields from primary and related tables”, I obtained the following table. If I need to show “gene name” on the reference genome, can I just additionally click “name” and “name2”? I am wondering which fields were selected for galGal4 and galGal3.


Or, should I just select output format as “BED - browser extensible data” or something else?

When I just did that, it shows “(unavailable)” as in the below screen (red box). This happened for BED format also.

In summary, I think it will be better if Galgal5 can be added in the built-in index with your standardized format. Thanks,