Request to add Sus Scrofa species compatability with AnnotatemyIDs and EGSEA

I would like to use AnnotatemyIDs and EGSEA to visualize the pathway enrichment for my significant genes. Is there a way to add compatibility with the Sus Scrofa species? Thank you in advance!

Hi @rlynn01

Only a few species are supported with built-in indexes from the source.

Use a reference annotation GTF input from the history instead. All UCSC genome builds with a gene annotation track will have these available in their Downloads area.

The path to the data is similar for all genome builds:<database>/bigZips/genes/

  • For pig genomes, start here UCSC Genome Browser Downloads. The database/dbkey used at UCSC the same as you will see as the assigned “database” to your outputs from upstream steps (BAM) in Galaxy. Be sure not to mix different builds in the same analysis or expect weird results!