fastq-dump not working did not return a true value at /usr/local/tools/_conda/envs/mulled-v1-bc5c6b6f9264e14d0a7db441af9ae8db1fa248f009f7da99d7b995688145825c/bin/fasterq-dump line 5.
BEGIN failed–compilation aborted at /usr/local/tools/_conda/envs/mulled-v1-bc5c6b6f9264e14d0a7db441af9ae8db1fa248f009f7da99d7b995688145825c/bin/fasterq-dump line 5.

Hi @Emmanuel_Nnadi

First, try one rerun. Errors like the one you report are often transient cluster issues.

If that fails again, please provide a bit more context:

  1. Confirm you are running the tool at Galaxy EU
  2. The dataset is in an error state (red in color), correct?
  3. Copy the full tool name, including the version, back here. Find this at the top of the tool form. Click on the “rerun” double-circle icon to bring up the original run.
  4. How are you using the tool? Single accession or a list of accessions? Could you please share one of the accessions it is failing for?
    • If you are inputting a list of accessions, the format for that tabular file matters. One accession per line, no extra spaces/tabs anywhere and no empty lines at the end. This list can be created by you, or by following the instructions on the tool form help in the section “How to generate accession lists”.