Issue with StringTie

Hello I was analysing some data using StingTie, initially was working fine, then at some point I start getting an error (it is reported as a tool error). I indeed tried to run again StringTie for a samples that had worked fine and now I get a tool error.
Can anyone help me fixing this?

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I actually figure out that there is the error only when running StringTie with the output for differential expression analysis using DESeq2.

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It is not clear what tool is presenting with an error. DE analysis is covered in much detail in the Galaxy Tutorials and might be able to help you to solve the problem.

Troubleshooting overview:

Troubleshooting FAQ, including how to check for input problems:

The subsection of that first post that covers using tutorials to troubleshoot usage problems. You’ll find DE analysis under the “Transcriptomics” tutorial group.

Hope that helps!