Load function 'load' not found. when loading MSA viewer on usegalaxy.org

I get the following error when trying to load any multiple sequence alignment on .org


Hi @Peter_van_Heusden,
could you provide me with some additional details about how to reproduce this error?


Simple to reproduce - upload a FASTA format MSA, go to Visualize this data, click Multiple Sequence Alignment viewer and the error occurs. This is on usegalaxy.org, doesn’t happen on e.g. usegalaxy.org.au.

HI @Peter_van_Heusden

We know of several visualization tools that have this same technical problem.

Primary issue ticket. When that closes out, expect the fix to show up at usegalaxy.org and test.galaxyproject.org soon after.

All UseGalaxy.* servers are impacted.

Let’s keep this topic open until fully resolved with testing in the wild :slight_smile:

cc @dannon

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