Add a new reference genome for RNAstar

Hi, I am using Galaxy to analyze my mRNA seqeuncing data. I am following the instruction of Galaxy training (Hands-on: Hands-on: Reference-based RNA-Seq data analysis / Transcriptomics)
I want to use HCMV genome (TB40E-BAC4, EF999921.1) as reference genome but there is no option to choose it.
There is a notice saying ‘If your genome of interest is not listed, contact the Galaxy team (–genomeDir)’
Please help me analyzing my data

Welcome, @Dongjoon

Please see our guide here about how to source reference data as a custom reference genome. You would need to get the reference annotation file too, and this guide covers all of it plus links into any details you may need. FAQ: Extended Help for Differential Expression Analysis Tools