Metilene tool fails on ENCODE bigWigToBedGraph converted data

Dear specialists,
Would you please provide guidance on why Metilene fails despite that the data is BamSort’ed.
The last column is “Percentage of reads that show methylation” from ENCODE bigWig data converterd to BedGraph by “bigWigToBedGraph”.

The link to the history is below;

I just generated a bug report from the Metilene tool.

Thanks for your kind help.

Try sorting all of the inputs against the same reference genome when running bedtools SortBED (instead of letting the tool “guess” the order).

To do this, you’ll need to get the hg38.fa assembly into the working history, then select that fasta from the history as the Genome file on the tool form.

How to: Importing data from a data library

  1. Go to: Shared Data → Data Libraries masthead menu.
  2. Navigate the resources: Libraries → Genomes + annotations → Genomes → hg38.fa
  3. Data imported from a library does not count towards quota usage.