How to get the genome of interest listed in RNA STAR in Galaxy

I am analyzing RNAseq from Maize. However, Zea mays genome is not in the list. The note under “Select reference genome” says “If your genome of interest is not listed, contact the Galaxy team (–genomeDir)”. I don’t know hot to contact --genomeDir. Can someone advise? Is it possible to have my reference genome listed in the tool?
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Hi @Jollae_Dire

The Maize genome has not been indexed on the pubic servers yet for this mapping tool.

For immediate use, please use the Custom Genome function. I added a tag to your post to find the how-to. It means supplying a fasta of the genome to the tool from your history, and the source is sometimes that same as the annotation source.

More reference genomes will be added to all of the usegalaxy.* servers over the upcoming months, and this genome along with other plant model organisms will be included.

Thanks for the prompt response. Could you please give more information about using ‘Custom Genome Function’? I am a beginner and do not have much information. Am I using the the Custom Genome within Galaxy or using other tools?

The tag added to your post links to prior Q&A with the details.

This is the top hit and is probably what you are looking for: Custom genome + custom build: How to use a genome that is not natively indexed at the server you are working at