Troubleshooting use of FEELnc

i have the same problem with FEELnc

Hi @Eilyn_Mena

Please share more details about the problem you are having, plus information about upstream steps. And are you also working at or somewhere else (URL?).

Yes, i have assembled transcripts of soybean

Hi @Eilyn_Mena,
I checked your error report, and it seems that the GTF file is empty. Could you confirm that?


Thanks for your answer. I checked that, but both gtf file from my transcript and reference annotation are ok. I trait to run with data samples from galaxy but it not posible

Could you share your Galaxy history with me? My email is
Screenshot from 2022-04-03 16-52-09.


Yes, of course

I shared vía galaxy and URL

Do you detected any problem in my datasets

Hi @Eilyn_Mena,
this seems to be the main error:

Cannot read your input lncRNA GTF file 'out_feelnc/codpot//candidate_lncRNA.codpot.lncRNA.gtf

I need to run some additional tests, but the problem could be an incompatibility with the GTF file generated by using GFF read. I will try to provide you with some more information as soon as possible.


thanks you, keep in touch